Driving Instructor Training Newcastle

What does training to become a driving instructor in Newcastle mean for you?

Pay As You Go Driver Instruction CoursesAt Passport we can provide 'Pay As You Go' instructor training across Newcastle, Gateshead and South Shields.. This means NO EXPENSIVE UPFRONT FEES to find.

If you’ve ever considered becoming a Driving Instructor but were unsure of where to begin or the upfront fees, we’ll help you to reach your goals in the most efficient, financially effective and convenient way possible. 

The Benefits of being an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI)

Flexibility - Choose the days and times you want to work - balance your work and home life
Job Satisfaction - Spend your day helping others achieve - the job is fun, rewarding and immensely satisfying
A Great Income - You determine your income based on the number of lessons you are available to offer
Job Security - No threats of redundancy and there are thousands of people learning to drive every year to keep you in work

Being a Driving Instructor in Newcastle involves working with all sorts of people so you’ll need good people skills as well as;

Held a driving licence for 4 years or more
Over the age of 21
Patience and understanding
Thorough knowledge of the theory and practice of driving
An ability to teach
Awareness of changes in the regulations for driving tests, as well as driving instruction
Business sense.

Our fully-qualified instructor trainer David Evans, has achieved the highest level of ORDIT (the Official Register of Driving Instructor Training) registration (grade six).

ORDIT, established by the Driving Standards Agency, is an additional qualification obtained by trainers of driving instructors, to allow them to deliver a consistent, standardised level of tuition to their trainees.

With Passport Driving School, can learn your new Driving Instructor skills around your other commitments, with flexible sessions at a time convenient for you. 

We will help you with everything in order to achieve your driving instructor training in Newcastle qualifications. 

Driving Instructor NewcastleWe will give you the best training possible all to help you succeed in the world of being a driving instructor. The process of becoming a fully qualified driving instructor means you have to pass three Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) tests in order to qualify.

The tests include;

Part 1 Theory Test
A multiple choice test and video based hazard perception test. Read More

Part 2 Driving Test
Demonstrate your very high standard driving ability in a one hour practical session including various manoeuvres that you will be teaching your learners. Read More

Part 3 Instructional Ability
Demonstrate your ability to teach others for one hour, with the examiner acting as a learner driver in two role play situations. Read More

We will help you with all of the above stages with plenty of mock tests to help prepare you.

To take the first step, all you need to do is call David, and he will help you get from A to B in your new Driving Instructor career.

ADI Test and Certification Fees

Recent Learner Driver News

1. Independent driving

The current 10 minutes of independent driving will be increased to 20 minutes using a satnav OR traffic signs. The examiner will decide if road signs or sat nav will be used for this part of the test.

read more…

2. Using a satnav

You might have spotted that in the previous news - the satnav is being introduced to the driving test. The equipment will be provided and set by the examiner and all will use a standardised TomTom Start 52 model. Four in five people doing their driving test will be asked...

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3. Manoeuvre changes

Currently, you’ll be asked to demonstrate one of four manoeuvres on your driving test. From December 4 2017, the ‘reverse around a corner’ and ‘turn-in-the-road’ manoeuvre will no longer be tested - although the DVSA say you should still be...

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4. ‘Show me, tell me’

The ‘show me’ and ‘tell me’ questions about car safety will change slightly. You’ll still be asked the ‘tell me’ question at the start of the test but the ‘show me’ question will be asked during the test - for example,...

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