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HMMWV turbo conversion

HMMWV turbo conversion

BMI has developed the Commnder 6200 and Commander 6500 turbo kit for the Miliary HMMWV that will allow HMMWV owners to add unprecedented amounts of horsepower and torque with a simple and efficent bolt-on kit. There is never been any retrofit turbo kit available for the non-turbo 6.2 or 6.5 liter diesel engines in the military HMMWV until now! No body lifts necessary, no modifications to the doghouse, no wiring or electronics. Most people will be able to install the turbo upgrade in their own driveway and simply take the truck to a local muffeler shop to weld on the kit exhaust pipes to the existing truck's system.

 These turbo kits offer safe, durable and reliable power increases of 55-70 HP and 100-140 ft/lbs tq.

What is included in the turbo kit/s?

The kits will include everyting needed to upgrade your HMMWV to turbo power: integrated waste-gate turbo, patented BMI turbo exhaust manifold, airbox, premium re-usable air filter, intake snorkel, exhaust pipes, hoses, lines and clamps.

How do you chose the correct Hummer turbo kit for your truck?

Choosing the right turbocharger kit is very easy. There are three kits available, depending on which engine is in your HMMWV. There is one kit available for the 6.2 and two kits available for the 6.5 engine (6.5 kits will be available in regular and high-output versions).

Bostic Motors specializes in the cililian Hummer H1 and the Military HMMWV 6.5 and 6.2 Diesel engines. We have a long experience in servicing the military and major civilian corporations.

HMMWV turbo conversion

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